A Local Murder Mystery? Albert Grayson

Albert Victor Grayson was an English socialist politician of the early 20th century. A Member of Parliament from 1907 to 1910, he is most notable for his sensational by-election victory at Colne Valley in 1907, and for his unexplained disappearance in 1920.

R C Sherriff and ‘Journey’s End’

Robert Cedric Sherriff was born in 1896 and educated at Kingston Grammar School and New College, Oxford. On the outbreak of the First World War, he joined the army and served as a captain in the East Surrey regiment.

Shepperton and The Great Train Robbery

I recently visited the Museum of London’s excellent (if gruesome in places) exhibition of items from Scotland Yard’s Black Museum, connected with infamous crimes. One of the displays was about the Great Train Robbery of August 8th, 1963.

The Day I Joined St Trinian’s

It may sound like a bizarre wish, but when I was a child I wanted to go to school at St Trinian’s. It looked like such fun. Well, recently I fulfilled my childhood ambition.

Do You Remember?

Sunbury is full of people who are interested in the history of where they live. Many have lived here long enough to remember old houses, since demolished, and businesses converted to residential use.

George Wilson & Sons, Sunbury

A chapter in the history of Sunbury’s riverside ended recently, with the closure of the long-established boatyard of George Wilson & Sons.

Spelthorne Gymnastics Home Saved at 11th Hour

Thank goodness for a knight in shining armour. Spelthorne Gymnastics was due to be EVICTED as their home behind Brooklands College in Ashford was being sold for development but Inland Homes, the developer themselves, have stepped in with a deal to enable them to continue at their present site.

A treasure trove of history

Hopefully you will have already visited Spelthorne Museum in Staines, but if not you are missing a treat! Next time you are in Staines, ome and find us, just through Staines library.

My Mad Magna Carta Weekend!

As many of you will know from my last article, June saw several commemorations locally of the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta. My experience of the celebrations began on the evening of Friday 12th, with a reception at Bisham Abbey for Charter Bearers who had been nominated to carry a copy of Magna Carta in the River Relay from Hurley to Runnymede over the weekend.

Magna Carta

June 15th 2015 sees the 800th anniversary of the document known to history as Magna Carta. It was the result of a revolt by many of the most powerful barons against what they saw as the unjust rule of King John.

Spelthorne Set to Bloom Again

Yes folks, it is that time again. The sun is shining and the garden blooms are calling. Spelthorne in Bloom is officially open for business and this is your chance to get your garden into the limelight.

Civic Awards Recognise Volunteering

Where would our communities be without volunteers? So many do so much good, enriching the lives of others. The Spelthorne Civic Awards is an opportunity to publicly recognise and thank these wonderful people.

Classic Car Mania!

At the last meeting of Shepperton Classic Cars in October about 15 or so vehicles turned up. Imagine my surprise at turning the corner into Manor Park to see a full car park of gleaming bonnets and chrome lined up for inspection.

Goodbye to the ‘Ship’

As I write this article, the old Ship Hotel, (more recently called Harrison’s) is being demolished to make way for a block of flats. It’s a sad end for another of our old hostelries, in this case dating back at least 300 years.