Spelthorne’s Bloomin’ Marvellous!

It is the 27th year and the county is seen as the most vibrant in Surrey in terms of the effort that goes into it. The joy of seeing blooms adorning shop fronts, lamp posts, front gardens, pubs and public spaces, gives us the feel good factor and a sense of civic pride.

A Man and His Shed

A man’s shed…The place he escapes to have a bit of time of his own, to think, to create…For many it is their little bit of sanctuary. But not everyone is lucky enough to have one, and actually a man’s shed still lacks in one thing – Company.

The Thames at Shepperton

Ignore the caption of this postcard dating from the 1920s, the view shown is of Lock Island and Hamhaugh Island, which are both definitely in Shepperton! These islands mark the most southerly point of the River Thames, but are both at least partly man-made.

Sunbury Park – Much More Than Just Cows!

How can six cows become such an attraction? There was much talk of it last year, but finally, with little warning, six Aberdeen Angus cows arrived in Sunbury Park.

Kempton Memorial to Brave Pilots

Sunbury will be marking a remembrance on October 18th this year, the date when two brave RAF fighter pilots lost their lives 75 years ago, whilst attempting to land at Kempton Park Racecourse.

Shepperton has a Double World Champion

This year started badly with a large chunk of my winter spent in rehab after a long spell of illness and injures that put me a long way behind my competition

Landscape change: memories of a WI member

Centenary celebrations for the national Women’s Institute in September 2015 attracted widespread media coverage. Some readers may also know of the Middlesex Federation of Women’s Institute’s 75th Anniversary publication entitled Middlesex: Within Living Memory, a collection of members’ life experiences published in 1996

A (Wednes)day in the life of Andrew Clarke

You may know him, and if you like good quality fish at good prices you really should visit him on Wednesdays, as do I and an increasingly large coterie of loyal repeat customers.

The Day I Joined St Trinian’s

It may sound like a bizarre wish, but when I was a child I wanted to go to school at St Trinian’s. It looked like such fun. Well, recently I fulfilled my childhood ambition.

George Wilson & Sons, Sunbury

A chapter in the history of Sunbury’s riverside ended recently, with the closure of the long-established boatyard of George Wilson & Sons.

Rotary Club Award at Hampton Court

Congratulations to the Sunbury & Shepperton Rotary Club for a great achievement at the Hampton Court Flower Show. Not only did they make it through the hottest week of the year, setting up, manning the stand and then taking all apart again.

Enjoying an Impossible Dream

Most of us take for granted our mobility. The summer months have seen us enjoying the sunshine, out on bicycles, walking or messing about on the river. But for those in our community who lack the mobility to enable them to enjoy that freedom, Spelthorne now has a wonderful new addition – a community boat.

A treasure trove of history

Hopefully you will have already visited Spelthorne Museum in Staines, but if not you are missing a treat! Next time you are in Staines, ome and find us, just through Staines library.

My Mad Magna Carta Weekend!

As many of you will know from my last article, June saw several commemorations locally of the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta. My experience of the celebrations began on the evening of Friday 12th, with a reception at Bisham Abbey for Charter Bearers who had been nominated to carry a copy of Magna Carta in the River Relay from Hurley to Runnymede over the weekend.

Goodbye to the ‘Ship’

As I write this article, the old Ship Hotel, (more recently called Harrison’s) is being demolished to make way for a block of flats. It’s a sad end for another of our old hostelries, in this case dating back at least 300 years.

Shepperton High Street Celebrated in Art

Continuing the theme of celebrating Shepperton through Art, Peggy Pickering’s Shepperton Artists came up trumps with their studies of High Street shops familiar to us all.

100 Years Celebrations for Ruby

As a long term Hamhaugh Island resident, Marianne “Ruby” Price, has just celebrated her 100th birthday we have been hearing tales about her life in a different era. It was a life of glitz and glamour on the stage, travelling the world and performing with the stars.