Childhood Memories by Jean Jones

I was so interested to read the story in Shepperton Matters some months back about the lady who has lived in Shepperton for many years. As I turned 80 last year, it encouraged me to write down a few of my memories while I am still able to remember a lot of it!

A New Lease for Vintage

Last year I went to the Goodwood Revival. It was like stepping back in time. It was not just the classic cars that gave it the nostalgic spirit, it was the spectators.

Newman’s Post Office from the early 1900s

This old photograph, dating from the early 1900s, shows Newman’s Post Office and stores, which was situated at the bottom end of Shepperton High Street (the site is now Lordsbridge House).

A Craftsman at Work – Meeting Brian Alvey

I wonder how many youngsters today are considering a career as a violin bow maker. But when the youth employment people came to visit his school, this was an option put to local resident Brian Alvey.

Location, location, location!

In the absence of strong planning regulation during the interwar period, London sprawled outwards along main arterial roads and railway lines. Distant villages like Shepperton in the Middlesex countryside were targeted for new housing.

Magna Carta River Pageant Registrations

2015 will see the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta celebrated locally. To mark the occasion, there will be, amongst other activities, a boat pageant on the Thames. Thames Alive, the group behind the Queen’s Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant in 2012, is organising the event.

Swan Sanctuary Founder receives MBE

Dorothy Beeson has been awarded an MBE in 2015 in recognition of her work looking after sick and injured swans from all over the UK, for founding the first purpose built registered veterinary hospital for water birds in the UK, and for advising on swan welfare requests from all over the world.

Kempton Park Development – Your Chance to Ask

You will perhaps be aware of plans afoot to create a large housing development of up to 1500 homes on green belt at Kempton Park. We have carried several articles about concerns regarding density, infrastructure and traffic.

Bringing History to Life

Many of you shopping in Shepperton may well know of local butcher Stephen Aldridge’s favourite pastime. He likes dressing up. To be precise he spends many of his weekends dressing up for battle, doing what an increasing number of adults throughout the country enjoy: He takes part in historical re enactments.

Restaurant Review – The Warren Lodge Hotel

2014 was a pretty grim year for The Warren Lodge Hotel. First the floods, which restricted access to the hotel, then a fire in April gutted the kitchen. The kitchen reopened just before Christmas, so we went along to see the changes and sample the menu.

Eco Park Update – It’s Not Over Yet

Since our last update to readers, we had a small set back in our fight to stop Surrey County Council’s white elephant Eco Park waste disposal incinerator from being bulldozed into highly residential, green belt Shepperton, despite massive opposition.

Shepperton High Street c1950s

On the face of it this 1950s postcard of Shepperton War Memorial doesn’t look a lot different to the present day, but closer inspection reveals quite a few changes.

Through the eyes of a child

It was February 2014. The Thames was in flood it was cold and misty. My family was very worried because our house was very close to being flooded by the torrential flow of the river…

Agriculture and landscape: Shepperton in 1941

Faced by the prospect of serious food shortages, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries launched the National Farm Survey (NFS) (sometimes referred to as the Second Domesday Book) in September 1941.

Shepperton Cricket Club

Hidden amongst trees in Manor Park is a smart pavilion and rather nicely kept green. Surely you know that this is the home of Shepperton Cricket Club?

Eco Park Update

As readers are probably aware (although many local residents are still not!), Surrey County Council recently gave itself planning permission… Read more »

Dear Father Christmas

The Art of Letter Writing is not dead after all. It seems that Santa receives an estimated 550,000 letters each year, sent to Lapland of course. Do your children still write letters to Santa?

Ben From the Beeb – Right on Cue

We saw an example recently of what can happen if a politician does a speech ‘the old fashioned way’, ie, from memory and not using the magic of the autocue. Ed Milliband literally forgot two key important elements of his party address and he was lambasted for it.