Greeno Centre

For many in Shepperton and the surrounding area, The Greeno Centre at the end of Glebeland Gardens is a life line. The Greeno offers a multitude of services to the the Aged and to various high need individuals.

Hirsute’s You Sir!

One of our more colourful residents in Shepperton is surely Rod Littlewood. Jovial, he has a thing about feet…oh, and… Read more »

Chip off the Old Block

Earlier this year I was most interested to meet local Shepperton sculptor, Stephen Kettle, whose work is featured on this months’ front cover. He was speaking at a networking event and I was intrigued to see his original method of creating art out of tiny chips of slate.

A Hair Raising Visit to Shepperton!

In last month’s issue, I told the story about Archie Andrews and the new wig for his “double” which was being made by the Shepperton Wig Company. I was fascinated to learn more about this unusual business, so was invited back to find out all about the company.

A Week in the Life of the Village Card

Have you got yours yet? 500 people in Shepperton have got theirs and are making savings galore in Sunbury & Shepperton. It only costs £10. Take a look at how a week in the life of a Village Card might look:

Educating Archie – and his new wig!

I grew up in a house without a TV, simply unimaginable for the young of today but it was the norm at one time. Radio was king and an evening of entertainment. Today it may be Britain’s Got Talent, in the 1950’s one of the favourites was Educating Archie.