The Raft Race is Coming!

One of the focal points of the local calendar is of course the inimitable and ever popular Raft Race.

10k Sponsored Charity Walk

Approximately 50 Walkers supporting over 12 different Charities took part in the Rotary Club of Shepperton & Sunbury 10k Sponsored Charity Walk

Blue’s the Colour. Jazz the Game

The Towpath in Shepperton is a world away from the dark, smoky atmosphere of a Jazz club, but this is where Peter Ind has settled after an adventurous life.

The Joys of the Local Shop

I sat having a coffee recently with two long term residents of Lower Sunbury. They were reminiscing on how the village was in times gone by.

The 7 a Day Challenge

A few weeks ago, we heard that the recommendations for a healthy daily intake of fruit and veg had now been revised to SEVEN portions.

Something Old, Something New

Shepperton’s Sue Brown loves pretty things. She has a background in hair and fashion, so in her later years has turned her skills to designing and making hair embellishments, mainly for the wedding market, under the brand name Heidi Kench. Each of her pieces is hand made to suit the bride and her outfit.

Shepperton Woman

No, not another term for ‘ladies who lunch’ or perhaps more recently, those for whom waders or wellies are the latest ‘look’. The Shepperton woman in question is the oldest known inhabitant of the area, who lived here 5,500 years ago.

Longacres Branches Out

Yes, Spring is indeed in the air over at the new Longacres garden centre in Nutty Lane, Shepperton. As well as beautiful blooms and blossoms bursting forth, there are significant changes afoot.

Everyone Has a Book in Them…

One local resident fulfilled her dream of being published recently. Carmen Souchet from Shepperton writes under the pen name Molly Clifford-Nixon. She has been writing for years and attends the Studio Writers group at the Riverside Arts Centre in Sunbury.

An Old Sheppertonian – Harriet Lilian Palmer

Although she was born in Watford where she spent most of her early life, she moved to Shepperton during the war. She had two young children and a stepson of eight years old but worked in the local Sound City (now Shepperton Studios).

Floods Past and Present

The River Thames forms a large part of the Spelthorne Borough boundary. Although this provides a pleasant environment to live and pursue leisure interests in, the downside is that the risk of flooding has always been with us.

History of the Queen Mary Reservoir

The Metropolitan Water Board was formed in 1902 to improve the supply of water to the rapidly expanding capital, and quickly commenced a programme to vastly increase unfiltered water storage capacity.

Where are they now? A look at some Halliford Alumni

An international Badminton name, a yacht designer, a film studio director, an Olympic gold medallist and a business entrepreneur: What do they all have in common? They all attended Halliford School.

Shepperton Kept it Local

The thick, cold fog did not seem to dampen anyone’s spirits on 11/12/13. Big Tree Night was a great success.

The Rose Acre Nursery, Shepperton

The Rose Acre Rose Nursery once occupied a large area off the Laleham Road in Shepperton, between Sheepwalk and Fairview Drive.

The Art of Stained Glass Shepperton

Dropping off Shepperton Matters around the village recently, I popped in to Haywoods Glazing and had a chat. I didn’t realise what a chemistry lesson it would be!