The Big Clean Up

The Spring birdsong has had some competition along the riverside in recent weeks – the sound of pressure washing and… Read more »

Keep Kempton Green

It could be bigger than we feared. Last October, the estimate was 1000 dwellings. Documents obtained since state 1000-1500. One item of correspondence says 1500-2000.

Inspiring Women in Sunbury Village

One might have wondered what was going on at The Magpie on a Monday night recently. Lots of ladies arriving, lots of chatter. No, this was not an enthusiastic hen party. The attraction on that particular evening was to be CHEESE!

Floods Past and Present

The River Thames forms a large part of the Spelthorne Borough boundary. Although this provides a pleasant environment to live and pursue leisure interests in, the downside is that the risk of flooding has always been with us.

History of the Queen Mary Reservoir

The Metropolitan Water Board was formed in 1902 to improve the supply of water to the rapidly expanding capital, and quickly commenced a programme to vastly increase unfiltered water storage capacity.

Where Was Noah’s Ark?

The flooding of 2014 was something to behold, our community became the focus for much media attention and rubber-neckers coming to take photos of our flooded roads and houses.

Under Their Spell

I was visiting Spelthorne Gymnastics at their facility in Ashford. I have to confess to being one of those who came across the club after Britain’s Got Talent was won by Spelbound in 2010.

Charity Auctions – Did they start in Sunbury?

We had heard stories of what must have been one of the first charity fund raising auctions which happened in Sunbury itself in the 1970’s. Some of you may in fact remember it.

Coal Tax Posts

In several places in the local area, cast iron posts, about 3 feet high, painted white and carrying the Arms… Read more »

The Sunbury Military Collage

Sunbury House was a large building standing in spacious grounds between Fordbridge and Halliford Roads.

A Child’s Generation Game

The salon on Thames Street has just had a makeover for third generation Saul Childs’ Saul Hair Design, which is now open for business.

The Story of the Sunbury Embroidery

It began in architect David Brown’s kitchen! The year was 1995 and David was looking for ideas for a project to commemorate Sunbury during the forthcoming millennium.

Sunbury Cross C1969

This photo of Sunbury Cross, looking east from the Pyrene House office block, was taken just as preparations were underway… Read more »

Sunbury Regatta

Sunbury Amateur Regatta is firmly established as one of the highlights of the year in Lower Sunbury, both as a… Read more »