Sunbury Court Island – a Microcosm of Life

It has had its share of dramas, freaks of weather, tragedy and laughter. Such is the idyll, charm and character of Sunbury Court Island, that [relative new-comer] David Garrett felt compelled to compile a history of the place and its residents to leave as a testament.

The Changing Face of Sunbury Village

As I write this article, the Police College building is gradually being demolished, to be replaced by a low-rise development of houses and apartments. Hopefully most people agree that this is far more in keeping with the character of Lower Sunbury than the existing tower block.

My Rosemary Conley Experience

I have lost nearly 3 stone with Rosemary Conley this year and I feel fitter and healthier than ever! It’s a real friendly and motivational experience which makes reaching your goal FUN!!!

The Reynard Stagecoach

“The Reynard”, the Windsor and London coach service operated in the summertime from 1910 to 1912. It was the brainchild of Mr. R. Craig-Mckerrow who believed that stage coaching was not dead, but in suspended animation.

Islands in the Stream

The Thames meanders through Sunbury & Shepperton. As you walk along the tow path, or perhaps pootle along in your boat or canoe, you can see the islands dotted here and there, some inhabited and some very much taken over by wildlife.

It’s Ability that counts!

I was lucky to be invited recently to hear the Rotary Prestige lecture by Mike Brace, the blind paralympian. It was very thought provoking indeed. We may talk about a blind person, or an amputee, or someone in a wheelchair, as “disabled”. But is this not the wrong label?

When is a conservation area not a conservation area?

The answer, it would seem, is when it suits some planners to push through a development! Planning has already been APPROVED to cite a huge floodlit sports hub comprising an Athletics Stadium and four football pitches next to the Xcel Leisure Centre.

The Luvvies of Wheatley’s Ait

At the turn of the last century, Sunbury was a weekend and holiday destination. The river was bordered by many little cottages and the beauty of the river and peace of the village offered sanctuary from the bustle of London.

Time To Count The Swans

How many of us though have attended the annual ceremony known as Swan Upping? I attended for the first time last year and it really is English tradition in all its colour and ceremony.

Lord Desborough And The 1908 London Olympics

This month will see the Olympic Games open in London for the third time in history, there is a local connection with the man who was responsible for the Games being held in London for the first time, in 1908.