Sunbury’s Islands

The Thames is unique in this country in having a series of inhabited islands. There are several in the Sunbury area. Travelling downstream, the first is Wheatley’s Ait.

An Angel for our Times

David Light graduated from the Swansea School of Glass with a First Class Honours Degree in Architectural Glass. Angels are… Read more »

Grooming Gorgeous

Nestling on Thames Street in Lower Sunbury sits a rather special grooming parlour. Don’t go there expecting a wash and blow dry however, unless you are of the four legged variety.

Cattle in Sunbury Park? Yes it is true

There has been a regular topic of conversation in Sunbury Park over several months. Are they really putting cows in the park? Why on earth would they do that? When will it happen?

Crime and Punishment in Sunbury and Shepperton

Crime rates and the argument over punishment vs. rehabilitation of offenders are much in the news these days. 200 years ago there was no such uncertainty- punishment was swift and severe! Despite what we would regard as grinding poverty by today’s standards, the people of Sunbury and Shepperton were largely untroubled by serious crime.

“No Rules” for Sunbury Artist Sally Friend

Sally Friend is no stranger to Sunbury Matters. This month sees the third cover produced by this local artist. What is clear from looking at her work is that it is always different.

The Sunbury ‘Riot’

We may think of Lower Sunbury in the past as having been a sleepy place where nothing much happened, but in September 1904, an event occurred which was to attract the attention of several national newspapers.

New York, Paris…Sunbury

Glamour and stardom are sparkling brightly in Sunbury. Local entrepreneurs Euan McDonald and Lesley Silwood have just celebrated 10 years in business building their accessories company Buba.


We are very lucky to have an extremely active residents association and LOSRA, the Lower Sunbury Residents Association are a force to be reckoned with. Sunbury Matters met with Chairman John Hirsh to hear about what LOSRA does for us behind the scenes, and what his role is.

Sunbury Court Island – a Microcosm of Life

It has had its share of dramas, freaks of weather, tragedy and laughter. Such is the idyll, charm and character of Sunbury Court Island, that [relative new-comer] David Garrett felt compelled to compile a history of the place and its residents to leave as a testament.

The Changing Face of Sunbury Village

As I write this article, the Police College building is gradually being demolished, to be replaced by a low-rise development of houses and apartments. Hopefully most people agree that this is far more in keeping with the character of Lower Sunbury than the existing tower block.

My Rosemary Conley Experience

I have lost nearly 3 stone with Rosemary Conley this year and I feel fitter and healthier than ever! It’s a real friendly and motivational experience which makes reaching your goal FUN!!!