It was exciting to see the scaffolding coming down from Pomfret Cottage on Thames Street recently. The grade 1 listed house is going through a major refurbishment having been sold around 18 months ago.

The front of the property has been cleaned, painted and look what has appeared! There are 3 ‘trompe l’oeil’ windows (meaning illusion in French). According to Nick Pollard of the Sunbury & Shepperton Local History Society, fake windows were painted on window recesses which were blocked up to avoid window tax. There are several others around (The Blue Anchor in Staines has 5 in fact).

The question is what the story behind the pictures mean. There is a ginger cat on the lower left and upstairs you can see a suited gentleman gazing down towards the river and the Monksbridge boat house. Is this mean to be the Prince of Wales who of course had an affair with Frida Dudley-Ward of Monksbridge? But what is the connection with Pomfret Cottage? We are uncertain as to whether or not he stayed there. Is that likely when Monksbridge has such vast accommodation?

Whatever the story, the work is beautiful. Do go and have a look.