Issue 19

Although we are on lockdown and life is far from normal, Walton on Thames has good news in that it… Read more »

Issue 18

In this month’s issue you will find stories about the refurbishment of Walton train station and the history of the swan, as well as lots of local news.

Issue 17

The only dedicated local community magazine for Walton on Thames

Issue 16

The monthly community magazine for Walton on Thames

Issue 15

This month we look at the Christmas Carol story, the history of both Christmas baubles and the Christmas tree, and how to have a crisis free Christmas. We look at how to care for our hedgehogs during the cold season, tips for driving in winter , and dig into the history of The Bear public house.

Issue 14

This month we bring you the start of a series on the names behind the blue plaques in Walton on Thames. Also an update on the Festival of Light and the history of the George pub.

Issue 13

This month we celebrate the 30th birthday of Creative Quilting in Bridge Road, Molesey. Congratulations Valerie. Following an inspiration by a reader we take look at litter picking, and we also hear form our own John Pulford writing about another Walton pub from the past.

Issue 12

This month we focus on schools. We discuss subjects as diverse as pastoral care, what to think about when considering an independent school, could hypnotherapy help your child, what are parental expectations regarding a school and exactly what do you need to know when looking at Prep and Pre Prep Schools.

Issue 11

At the time of writing I am hopeful that our summer will have started. The Hampton Court Flower Show, Wimbledon fortnight and the Baseball’s Coming Home event would dearly love some blue skies. In this month’s issue we look at the women of Wimbledon tennis, get an update on the Eco Park, and learn of the origins of Elmbridge Borough Council.

Issue 10

It’s Walton Beer and Live Music Festival time!! Go to page 12 for all the details. Also this month there is a rather special celebration, commemorating the first recorded game of baseball in the world being played in Walton back in 1749.

Issue 9

Welcome to the May issue. Easter has now gone, spring is firmly here and next month’s issue will be the first of
summer. Fantastic.

Issue 8

Welcome to the April issue. The clocks have gone forward and the evenings are starting to get lighter. Spring is pushing through. Time to get the garden in order.

Issue 7

Here we are in March. Spring is almost upon us. There are two main things to remember this month, and luckily this year they are both on the same date. Firstly do remember that on Sunday 31st March at 1am the clocks go forward one hour signalling the start of British Summer Time (BST). Secondly don’t forget Mother’s Day, same date, Sunday 31st.

Issue 6

In this issue, local historian John Pulford tells us more of Mount Felix, and we also hear of Canaletto’s beautiful painting of Walton Bridge.We take a peek behind the history of HWM, Walton’s purveyors of Aston Martin , and we also take a look at a true Walton film star, Julie Andrews.

Issue 4

In this month’s issue we celebrate the birthday of the first Christmas Card, we also have an update from the ‘Reclaim our Riverbank’ campaign.

Issue 2

This month we look at Turners’ association with Walton Bridge, hear of a US President who was once a resident, and also look at the history of the Swan Hotel.

Issue 1

The only dedicated local community magazine fro Walton on Thames.