Shepperton has a Double World Champion

This year started badly with a large chunk of my winter spent in rehab after a long spell of illness and injures that put me a long way behind my competition

Landscape change: memories of a WI member

Centenary celebrations for the national Women’s Institute in September 2015 attracted widespread media coverage. Some readers may also know of the Middlesex Federation of Women’s Institute’s 75th Anniversary publication entitled Middlesex: Within Living Memory, a collection of members’ life experiences published in 1996

A (Wednes)day in the life of Andrew Clarke

You may know him, and if you like good quality fish at good prices you really should visit him on Wednesdays, as do I and an increasingly large coterie of loyal repeat customers.

George Wilson & Sons, Sunbury

A chapter in the history of Sunbury’s riverside ended recently, with the closure of the long-established boatyard of George Wilson & Sons.

A Child’s View of Sunbury’s Treasures

Clearing out is a great way of discovering long lost treasures. So it was for a local Sunbury resident who was having a clear out and came across his son’s summer school project from when he was 10.

The Children’s Regatta – Then & Now

Every year crowds gather at Rivermead Island in Sunbury for the annual regatta. This year the event on Saturday August 15th will be the 138th year. We wander around the stalls, watch the arena events, have a bite to eat and cheer on the racers.

A treasure trove of history

Hopefully you will have already visited Spelthorne Museum in Staines, but if not you are missing a treat! Next time you are in Staines, ome and find us, just through Staines library.

The huge conspiracy theory that will not die

They deny encouraging the scheme. They deny even knowing any details about it, despite meeting after meeting after meeting with The Jockey Club and their consultants. We’ve made it all up, apparently.

My Mad Magna Carta Weekend!

As many of you will know from my last article, June saw several commemorations locally of the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta. My experience of the celebrations began on the evening of Friday 12th, with a reception at Bisham Abbey for Charter Bearers who had been nominated to carry a copy of Magna Carta in the River Relay from Hurley to Runnymede over the weekend.

Salvation Army Opens Doors

We have all passed Sunbury Court, the imposing building on Lower Hampton Road. But how many of us know much about it, let alone visited it?

The Cowper-Coles Aircraft Company

Following on from the article about Rossall House in Thames Street, Sunbury, in April’s ‘Sunbury Matters’, I thought readers might be interested to learn of an earlier company which operated from the premises.

Property for sale: the Hawke House Estate 1936

In the March edition of Sunbury /Shepperton Matters I appealed for readers who had sales brochures for interwar housing schemes to get in touch. Sincere thanks to those who did. This short article is based on the 1936 prospectus for the Hawke House Estate.

End of an Era

In the early sixties young women usually gave up work and stayed at home to care for their children. This meant that they relied on the friends they made at the baby clinic.

We Bid A Fond Farewell

You may already be aware that we are losing a Sunbury stalwart. Father Paul Davies will be leaving his post of vicar of St Mary’s Sunbury in mid April to take off to warmer climes. He has been appointed to a role in Doha, Qatar.

Life is a Bowl of Cherries

It’s been eight years since Sunbury resident John Carey’s painful episodes of gout led him to halt a successful career as a financing manager and start to build a cherry juice business.

A New Lease for Vintage

Last year I went to the Goodwood Revival. It was like stepping back in time. It was not just the classic cars that gave it the nostalgic spirit, it was the spectators.

The PIM Board Works, Sunbury

The photograph of the PIM works at Sunbury Cross dates from just over a century ago, and shows the factory originally established in the late 19th century by Frederick Walton, inventor of Linoleum floor covering.

Official guide to Sunbury on Thames

“Sunbury on Thames is primarily a residential resort of a quiet and reposeful type. It would indeed be difficult to find a more ideal spot in which to settle.”

Full Post Office Service – 7 Days a Week

Good news, people of Sunbury. There have been changes at Skinners at 5,The Avenue. You will have noticed it has had a face lift. But there is more. The Post Office is now open seven days a week.

A Craftsman at Work – Meeting Brian Alvey

I wonder how many youngsters today are considering a career as a violin bow maker. But when the youth employment people came to visit his school, this was an option put to local resident Brian Alvey.