One of the focal points of the local calendar is of course the inimitable and ever popular Raft Race. Sponsored by Nauticalia who did so much for the river dwellers during the floods, this is a time for sheer lunacy and joy.

The theme this year is Sports and Games. A Great name we hope to produce Great Rafts. After all the dreadful flooding of earlier this year, Sports and Games should lift our spirits. So let’s see how varied a selection of rafts can be built and rowed from Nauticalia to Manor Park on June 7th. Will it be full of runners or cyclists or chess players or scuba divers. Keep us in anticipation until the morning of June 7th.

Last year we watched racing steeds, hollering Indians and whooping cowboys (see above and right) while the sun shone on happy crowds. The year before it was the Olympic theme that went off with a bang. This is the time of year where local teams can go wild and creative. Teams put in a great deal of time and effort to create imaginative and spectacular crowd-pleasing rafts. Prizes will be awarded according to the whim of the judges and may include; “best dressed crew”, “most imaginative design”, “best business entry”, “most elaborate raft”. We believe that all these are just as important as speed so don’t hold back!

Get your entry in as soon as possible as there are limited spaces. Call Sally Dick on 01932 244578. The entry fee (a contribution to the Environment Agency) is only £10.