Some of the latest comments from our magazine advertisers and readers.

From our readers

“I wanted to contact you to say thank you for doing so much for our community. It does not go un-noticed.”

“… it does show people really read your magazine!”

“It’s a really great thing you’re doing for the area.”

“Thanks again Monica for the help given to me and to the community.”

“I have had many gigs written about me over the years and in terms of both factual accuracy and teasing out what we are about, you are easily in the top three, and quite possibly the top one!”

“I would like to say Sunbury Matters is a good read and it’s always interesting to read some of the historical pieces as having been born and lived in Sunbury for most of my life (my maternal grandparents were both born here) I can relate to the stories. Keep up the good work.”

From our advertisers

“Your product deserves advertising support and looking at the professionalism of your publication and website.”

“Pound for pound Shepperton Matters represented better value than ANY other marketing we did for the launch of the new Longacres Garden Centre”
Michael Ainsley, Longacres

“I went to see a new customer who told me the magazine is passed around all the family and friends, a kind of unofficial book club…It matters to them, so it mattered to me”

“I have decided to stop advertising in Your Elmbridge Mag. I get far more interest from your magazines, so I will do all 3.”

“Thank you so much. The magazines have made all the difference to my business. I have had to take on extra help as a direct result of the response”

“I have had more work from the Magazines over the last year…much more than I have done with the local paper’s…That’s why I have cancelled the advert in there now”

“Just wanted to say a quick thank you for all your work on Sunbury Matters. What what you are building with Village Matters is very impressive and entrepreneurial!”

“Village matters is becoming very successful I see it everywhere now even the local shops have it out”

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