It could be bigger than we feared. Last October, the estimate was 1000 dwellings. Documents obtained since state 1000-1500. One item of correspondence says 1500-2000.

We’ve all been told that “no Planning Application has been received”. Perfectly true. But as we all know, plans don’t start with Planning Applications. An awful lot of planning has already been done for this suburb – for that’s what it will be if it goes ahead. 1500 dwellings is one-third the number in the two wards of Lower Sunbury.

The documents we have so far stand more than a foot high. In addition, Spelthorne Council alone has identified 4500 emails relating to this plan. Discussions have involved the Council, The Jockey Club, neighbouring Boroughs, the County, the Highways Agency, the Environment Agency, Transport for London, and the local train and bus companies. In short, there are plans, and there are Planning Applications, and you can plan pretty comprehensively without submitting an Application.

And this is not just a Sunbury issue. You will be told that any loss of Green Belt at Kempton Park will be a one-off. Imagine, if you will, some future hearing before a Planning Inspector. Counsel for the owners of some other parcel of Green Belt asks: “You gave The Jockey Club permission. Why not us?” It would be interesting to see how the Council answers that one. If Kempton Park goes, then every other piece of Green Belt in Spelthorne is at risk.

To access the documents – that we are entitled to see – and to keep updated, just send an email to