Great news. We hear an entrepreneurial local Shepperton lady has launched a new business in plastic free and zero waste products. Mel Jensen found herself drawn to the ethos of zero waste and started making some changes in her life over the past couple of years.

She found friends were asking her advice so she began a blog. That developed into sourcing products. It is all well and good having these ideas, but zero waste/plastic free, sustainable products are not readily available yet. So she did a deal with wholesalers and put together a selection of items she uses herself. Products range from toothpaste, shampoo and hair conditioner to cleaning products and washing up liquid. You can take containers to be refilled.

The Waste Reduction Shop is online but also as a pop up shop at Quality Fruit & Flowers. It will be on June 22nd 9.30-13.00. Mel will also be at the Walton Vegan Market on June 15th so pop along to see her.

You can also get inspiration, subscribe to a newsletter or buy online from:

If you order online you benefit from free delivery within Shepperton. Mel is not doing this as a job or career. It is more an education which she has felt compelled to do, following the Attenborough and Greta Thunberg effects.
We all need to do our little bit to reduce waste so lets try to buy without.