Welcome to the first of our new quarterly updates on matters involving your Surrey and Spelthorne Councils. Our aim is to share information on matters affecting and of interest to the local community and to respond to any questions you may have.

You will have noticed as the summer goes on that the many pot holes in the roads are slowly being repaired – your online reporting of these has proved a great help. In a bid to reduce the work in future, Surrey County Council has also been doing more extensive repairs on the worst roads and totally re- surfacing some roads with a 10 year pothole free guarantee. This process will continue each year.


We continue to fight the Watersplash Farm Gravel application by Walton Bridge Road with a proposed entrance at the small roundabout by Green Lane. The Environment agency is still opposing the application, together with Surrey. We will keep you posted on this matter.

We are at last delighted to announce that Spelthorne has won a protracted legal battle and the family unlawfully living on greenbelt land off Sheep Walk have now left.

A Court ruling has declared that the brick wall and fencing on Chertsey Road are unlawful. However, that’s only the first step on the path to resolving this – a retrospective application has been submitted. If the council refuses this, they can then impose an enforcement notice for removal. However, the applicant then has the opportunity to go to appeal on both the refusal and the enforcement. It may take some time, but be assured, action is being taken.


Following some extensive proposals to further develop the Shepperton Studios site, we will be closely monitoring the progress of this on behalf of, and with, residents. We recognize one concern over this will be the need for acceptable traffic management in the local area, in which SCC and Richard Walsh will be involved. Consultation is still ongoing for this.

Councillors and senior Council management are also working with the three Residents Associations towards a satisfactory arrangement with Brett, the gravel company, over the Littleton Lane site and to secure the removal of the HGV vehicles from the site. Meetings of all parties have been held with more to follow – updates will be available soon.


We are working closely with the new committee of the CVRA on a number of improvements to the area; these include new signage for the village gateways and a plan for the installation of an average speed camera to deter speeding drivers. Other improvements for the village have already been delivered.


Councillors are working closely with Laleham School on a programme of safety measures for the village, including refurbishment of the courtesy crossing by the school, a potential new crossing and refurbishment of the area and signage to the school. All Laleham residents should benefit from these improvement works.
If there any issues you would like to discuss with your County and/or Borough Councillors, please feel free to contact us at any time and your suggestions for news items in this section will be very much welcomed.

Borough Cllrs – Shepperton Green/Charlton
Village/Laleham Ward

Maureen Attewell 07850 297754 cllr.attewell@spelthorne.gov.uk
Mary Madams 07766 138678 cllr.madams@spelthorne.gov.uk
Richard Smith-Ainsley 07970 281063 cllr.smith-ainsley@spelthorne.gov.uk

Borough Cllrs – Shepperton Town Ward

Colin Barnard 01932 705950
Vivienne Leighton 01932 231596
Robin Sider 01932 232990

County Cllr for both wards

Richard Walsh 07770 280322 cllr.walsh@surreycc.gov.uk