A selection of the latest articles from Sunbury Matters.


Friends of St Nicholas

Do you recall the startling discovery last year that Shepperton is one of the happiest places to live in the country?


The Joys of Self Employment

A great many of us are employed in a 9-5 job. Often commuting on overcrowded, over priced transport, there may come a point when you may ask yourself the question “Is there another way?” Maybe you have an idea for a little business but don’t really dare leave the security of a regular income with all the infrastructure and safety that comes with it.


ANZAC Day and our Kiwi Connection

Have you ever wondered why there is a New Zealand Avenue in Walton on Thames? Or why the pub at the end is called The Wellington (affectionately known as “The Kiwi”)?


Is the Sun Setting Over Green Belt?

Last month we lamented the building explosion on our door step and the pressure on resources. As we wait to see the ‘local plan’ which will show the green spaces where development is deemed appropriate, we are aware of several sites identified in Sunbury: Kempton Park of course we know


Sunbury’s Own Willy Wonka

I recently went to chocolate heaven. More precisely to the Riverside Arts Centre studio where I spend an afternoon learning about chocolate before sampling rather a lot of it, and making my own bars to take home. Wonderful!


Surrey County Council talks money

No sooner had I drafted an article on the imminent rise in Council Tax and the referendum we were promised on it, than the threat of the 15% rise was lifted. Strange times! Surrey County Council faces losing another £93m funding.

Sunbury Health Centre -It’s All Under Control

In last month’s Sunbury Matters we wrote about the strain on resources as the local population continues to grow and our village expands. Well, one of those resources put under a lot of pressure deserves a big pat on the back for providing a great service – Sunbury Health Centre.


Historic Kempton Park

With all the current controversy about the future of Kempton Park Racecourse, I thought it would be a good time to look back over the history of the site.


The Worst Flood In Living Memory – 1947

At this time of year, residents who live near the Thames will be remembering the terrible floods of three years ago, which caused such disruption and damage. Exactly 60 years ago, in 1947, our community was facing an even worse challenge.

Save Our Services

Just when we thought we were safe after the fight for Fire Services in 2014 than we hear that there is a proposal on the table to shut down Staines Fire Station.


The History of Sunbury Pubs

To my mind, Sunbury is defined by its pubs. The joys of living along the river are never more evident than when enjoying a pint alongside it in a pub.

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Issue 74

In this months issue we hear about the crazy and exotic cowboy wedding in Shepperton in over 100 years ago. We also learn about the Walton on Thames connections with New Zealand through the Mount Felix hospital which cared for 27,000 antipodean patients during WW1.


Issue 73

In this month’s issue we talk over development in Lower Sunbury, lamenting the potential loss of green belt land. We hear about funding for community projects from the Heathrow Community Fund and we meet Sunbury’s own chocolatier, CocoaCraft and spend an afternoon getting messy with chocolate!


Issue 72

There is plenty to get your teeth into in this issue. With news of Kempton Park’s threatened demolition and the building of a small village on the site, we report on the threat to our green spaces from developers and lament the strain in infrastructure and services.


Issue 71

In this issue we revisit Christmas past through history. We also have a chat with the High Sheriff of Surrey, none other than Dick Whittington (well Richard Whittington to be fair, but related to the Dick Whittington of tales of old). Brewing Heritage is still being kept alive in Spelthorne.


Issue 70

This month we hear of a Victoria Cross holder who lived in Sunbury. We also meet a local girl, Emily Varney, who wants to teach the world to sing and we learn about the Re-store food bank programme.


Issue 69

We look at several issues concerning planning and changes which will affect our village including the threat to the 555/557 bus service and the dangers posed by swimming in the Thames. We also look at the talent in Sunbury, with a visit to the band that won Has Sunbury Got Talent.


Issue 68

This month we hear from the man who ran The Listeners, a series of concerts from (future) world class musicians in his own home, put on for the visually impaired. Alan Gifford ran the project for some 20 years bringing happiness to so many. We also hear about the 40th anniversary of the Spelthorne Natural History Society and take a look at Open House London attractions not too far from home.


Issue 67

We take a look at the 10th anniversary exhibition of the Embroidery Gallery in Lower Sunbury, looking back to the initial idea for the millennium project through to the design of the gallery and finally the royal opening. We also visit RHS Hampton Court Flower Show and congratulate Squires on 80 years in business and the 80th birthday of Chairman Colin Squire.


Issue 59

This month we celebrate creativity and achievement as well as look at some of the blights on our community in the form of torturous construction. We meet Aylis Mae. This is the stage name of Lucy Watkins, a talented Thamesmead student who has just released her first music video. We also meet Ena Perrot who celebrated her 100th birthday.


Issue 66

In this months issue we look back to a summer unlike this one, where bombs were falling on our area. We should be thankful for peace! We also discover links to the past through some postcards sent during the first world war to a cottage in Shepperton that was moved not once, but twice. We share some of the images from the lovely events to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday with you here too.


Issue 65

In this issue we try to piece together the past again, looking at a boat called the Jane Scott depicted in one of the Sunbury Embroidery panels at the Walled Garden. Why was this boat chosen? Does it still exist? We meet the grand daughter of the man who built it to find out more. We also visit an exhibition showing Heathrow ‘firsts’, at Spelthorne Museum.


Issue 64

In this issue we help someone piece together the past from an old family album and photos from the 1920’s. The result was amazing. We hear about a celebration of 150 years of Sunbury characters to mark the 150th anniversary of the Methodist church in Sunbury. Even Sunbury Matters gets a mention! Congratulations to everyone who won civic awards. We have the list of recipients in this issue.