The weather was not completely unkind to Big Tree Night. It poured with rain during the set up and later during the evening, but for the main part of the event itself, the clouds cleared away and the stars came out and the Big Tree looked fabulous! Children clasped hands with their parents, avoiding large puddles on the High Street as they looked earnestly for a view of Santa.

Thamesmead students sang a modern selection of carols which was lots of fun and showed some great harmonisation. Cllr Vivienne Leighton, Mayor Spelthorne said some welcoming words before Santa sped round the corner (yes he was going at a fair pace), lead by two reindeer. He made his way down the High Street arriving outside the village hall to the great excitement of the many gathered to greet him.

The fair ground rides flashed their enticing lights, families warmed themselves with hot chocolate or mulled wine as they visited stalls. Local shops made a concerted effort to raise money for charity as they engaged the public with lucky dips, reindeer food and general naughty sweet offerings.

So a huge well done to the small team of volunteers who made the event happen. Having been on the committee running the Sunbury Christmas Market the previous week I really do know how exhausting it is, and how demoralising the elements can be. I also appreciate how important volunteers are! If you can spare any time to get involved next year, find Jo Hornsby at Daisy Chain and she will welcome you with open arms!