The community was shocked and saddened to hear of the recent death of optician Ian Squire.

I found myself caught up in the aftermath of the announcement by the Foreign Office in a bizarre way. I had interviewed Ian last year and ran a piece in Sunbury and Shepperton Matters on Ian and Brigitta’s charity ‘Mission for Vision.
Journalists looking Ian up online following the announcement were lead straight to my own website and the article.

It was a complete shock to be called by a succession of journalists asking for comment. You may have seen that I was quoted in many newspapers and wondered why. Journalists also wanted to use the photo I had taken of Ian which had appeared in my magazines. I am hoping that they will pay for the privilege and the money raised will then go to Mission for Vision.

Ian was a quiet and kind man. He wanted to do his bit in life to change the lot of some of those in nderprivileged societies who did not have access to eye clinics. In 2003 he launched the charity Mission ForVision 
together with his wife Brigitta. As a committed Christian, he felt it was only right that he use his skills to help some of those less fortunate.

He had always had a love for Africa so went on many trips to Uganda and Nigeria. He had developed a portable lens cutting machine which works on solar power. This opened up huge potential to help remote communities and Ian was immensely proud of it. Brigitta Squire is a strong lady.

She has been touched by the support she has had from locals and is grateful to everyone for kind words, cards and flowers. She is trying to get on with life as normal and you will still find her at the opticians.

It is sad loss for humanity that such a decent man has had his life cut short.