Welcome to the May issue! We are now firmly into Spring. I am particularly enjoying this year the blossom appearing in our garden. Pinks, yellows, whites, purples – It really does make you feel like good things are on the way. Seeing people back out on the river also points to better times ahead. The picture on the front cover this month, features the 1st Molesey (Jaguar) Sea Scouts doing just that.

In this month’s issue, the Molesey Local History Society informs of the Molesey Amateur Swimming Club, which was formed around 1909. We also learn about the Mount Felix Tapestry and the links to our local “stitchers”. We hear about the coronation of George VI, the first such occasion to be televised 80 years ago this month. Another sure sign of better weather is the reopening of Molesey Lock Café. Take time to visit Colin , Kim and the team.

Also take note of the Molesey Carnival date, June 10th this year.Della continues her urban wildlife blog, and once again we are
updated by Dominic Raab.