I was lucky to experience the right side of human-kind recently. I lost my phone in Sunbury Park in a random ‘throwing stick, phone jumped out of pocket’ moment. My dogs were delighted I would go to such extremes to entertain them. My phone stayed in the grass, unseen by me. When I finally realised I was of course distraught. What would I do? All those numbers I had not backed up…My work contacts…Oh my!

I called on a friend to come and help me. She willingly came, armed with her phone and we made repeated calls to mine, waiting to hear it. ‘Hello!’..A lovely helpful lady called Alison had found it, found my home number, and had already left me a message saying it was safe and dry. How helpful and thoughtful.

We hear so many stories of dishonesty and selfish behavior in the news. My story shows how lucky we are in Sunbury, and I hope my positive experience is a little inspirational.

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