There have been so many awful and dramatic stories in the media about Sunbury: terrorism, armed robbery, drug dealing and intimidation, burglaries…So I want to redress that balance with some good and positive stories.

They don’t get as much press (yes, scandal and bad news stories sell more newspapers). So here are a few from this past couple of weeks. 
I walk my dogs in Sunbury Park every morning, as many of you know. One morning I had stopped to chat with an acquaintance and helped return a dog, which had wandered off chasing squirrels, to another owner. When I got back to my car I realised my ticket had expired. “Phew. I swerved that one!” I thought.

Then I saw that some thoughtful person had noticed it was about to run out and had taken the trouble to put my registration plate in to the machine and get me a new ticket. Someone told me it happened to him too so thanks to the kind person/s out there!

Later that day I saw Kerry from Quality Fruit in Shepperton as I struggled past the shop with a heavy box of things for the charity shop “Blimey, I’ve got three of these” I said breathlessly. When I went to get my next load, there she was at my car ready to carry a box. It was Saturday and she was busy, but she found time to give me a hand.

Posting a few of these on Facebook it prompted a local lady to share her good news story: “I’d forgotten to put my bin out the night before and didn’t realise till I heard the bin lorry in the morning. I cursed. But when I went outside, someone had taken it out for me. How nice is that?”

Back to Sunbury Park. Some of you who walk there may have heard the gentle strumming of a guitar early in the morning. A mysterious musician sits and plays at the back of the Walled Garden and we hear him as we walk by. He is probably just enjoying the peace of the early morning and getting inspiration, but his playing lifts many of us as we stroll by.

My interest in photography is growing and I enjoy sharing them on social media so when an acquaintance was given a book on photography herself, she decided that I might appreciate it more and gave it to me.

During the month I feel blessed to get some lovely comments about the magazines from readers. It makes it all worth while.

Words of appreciation, a smile, helpfulness and courtesy are FREE to give and do so much to make this a better world and Sunbury a better place. So why not spread some happiness and positivity to counteract the doom and gloom of the bad news stories we read in other papers!

I would like to invite you to share your good news stories so we can remember what a special place we live in. You can email me: or call me on 07979 808991 if you prefer.