Of all of the visits during my year as Mayoress H.M.P category Bronzefield which is the largest women’s prison in Europe touched my heart. The wonderful work done there by Ian Whiteside the director and all the staff helping to turn these women’s lives around and giving them back their self worth is amazing.

I had a tour of the prison and visited the Mother and Baby unit. I chatted with a number of the mums who find themselves there due to some heart breaking circumstances, and played with the babies who are the innocent victims in it all.

So at my Ladies lunch I requested donations of baby clothes. I have been amazed at the kind response and was so very pleased to be able to hand over 270 items to Joy Gurr at Bronzefield on Monday 19th June. She was delighted at this fantastic token of kindness and wishes to thank all involved. Said Joy “On behalf of myself and the mums at Bronzefield I cannot thank you enough for the kind donation of infant clothing .  I spent today on the Mother and Baby Unit with the mums unpacking the numerous bags you left with me.  They will definitely be put to good use”.

I wish to give my heart felt thanks to all the ladies who gave me their fantastic support and I will still be involved with the prison as past Mayoress, in the future.