There are many of you living in Sunbury who will have had your hair cut by one or other of the Childs generations. The salon on Thames Street has just had a makeover for third generation Saul Childs’ Saul Hair Design, which is now open for business.

Saul told me the story of his family’s roots in hairdressing (excuse the pun!). His great grandparents were Jewish immigrants who settled in the East End of London. As stalwart members of their local community they mixed with the likes of a certain Sassoon family, spotting the lad’s skill for hair and suggesting that would be a good route to take.

Say no more! Saul’s grandfather grew up in Sunbury Buildings and when it was time to move on he headed to Sunbury on Thames. He opened his salon there on Thames corner, at the bottom of French Street. Camille’s was so named after the Sarah Bernhardt film ‘La Dame aux Camellias’ which was a favourite. Irving Childs took over from his father-in-law in 1963 and remains a well known figure in the village today.

Saul followed in the family footsteps, training with (of course) Vidal Sassoon. He worked in London for several years coiffing the heads of supermodels for London Fashion Week, working for top designers. What a job! Surrounded by gorgeous scantily clad ladies – Well someone had to do it! But the long hours eventually took their toll and Saul moved further out. His celebrity heads continued however, this time both Chelsea and England heads.

His clients were often seen on the front as well as the back pages of the tabloids, usually for the wrong reasons!

Saul joined his father in the business and SaulIrving came to be. After recovering from a bout of ill health, Saul has now returned to hairdressing in the village and is delighted to be continuing in the family tradition in Sunbury. Saul says, “I am so excited to open Saul Hair Design, bringing the very highest standard of hairdressing to our customers, whilst giving them a truly first-class experience.