Sunbury Matters has championed the local art scene since it launched in 2010. There are always comments from readers regarding the covers, which showcase paintings. This month is no different…apart from one thing. You have the chance to own the original art, at the same time as supporting the local Sunbury based charity, Their Future Today. Do read on to find out how.

Their Future Today (TFT) was launched by Twirltour Travel director Lynn Stanier in 2005 when she visited Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the devastating tsunami.
Seeing first- hand the suffering and deprivation of babies and small children orphaned and abandoned, Lynn felt compelled to fill a gap that aid was not reaching.

She raised funds to improve an understaffed and underfunded state run institution, persuading local Government to allow her to spend funds directly on basic needs for these otherwise forgotten children. TFT now employs nine additional housemothers, provides training in childcare, renovates buildings, supplies toys and playground equipment in addition to food and milk, medicine, vitamins and support.

There’s a growing number of babies many of them abandoned by mothers too poor to look after them.

The objectives of TFT have also changed. Wherever possible, the charity is striving to reunite children and parents, and has built two homes, resulting in 5 children being de-institutionalised and reunited with their mothers. TFT are in the process of introducing foster care (not a usual thing in Sri Lanka, so quite a challenge to get this solution accepted and understood) so that they have the chance to grow up in a family environment, instead of a lonely existence. TFT are also providing 1000 institutionalised and poorest children with school books, uniforms, shoes and even pens, to enable them to attend school.

Education means hope for better futures and ultimately less abandoned babies.


Sunbury Matters has donated this stunning painting “Ete en Manosque” by local artist Nicholas Beeston, a member of Chertsey Artists. It measures ???? and would be a beautiful acquisition for your art collection.

To have a chance at winning this unique painting, we are going to hold a “blind” auction and the winner will be the one who bids the highest amount. All you need to do is send an email to:, put TFT AUCTION in the subject line, and in the body of text put your name and address and the amount you wish to bid. All funds will go directly to supporting the on going needs of these orphaned children.

The winner will be notified on 30th April and published in the next issue.

If you wish to find out more or would like to volunteer with TFT please contact or if you would like to donate a single or regular amount then please go and click on ‘Donate Now’.