Sally Friend is no stranger to Sunbury Matters. This month sees the third cover produced by this local artist. What is clear from looking at her work is that it is always different. She does not have one style or one technique which would make her work instantly recognisable. Sally prefers instead to explore and develop without the confines of a label. She works in oils, acrylic, mixed media/collage and also etchings. In Sally’s world “The only rule is, there are no rules!”. This will be a welcome approach to prospective students who may be interested in joining Sally’s forthcoming workshops. Read on!

Sally started out in graphic design, working initially as a magazine designer for women’s magazines. At the time, lay out of such magazines was all done manually, with the ability to move pieces around. It is without doubt an influence on her work now, where she utilises mixed media and often features collages. Her study of History of Art combined with a wicked sense of humour, and one might say a certain rebellious streak, can result in a juxtaposition of reference to Old Masters and contemporary art in one piece. She is not afraid to push limits and test an audience.

Her love of vibrant clashing colours (see front cover) may stem from her childhood growing up in Calcutta. She thrives on contrast and her works are a delightful explosion of colour.

Music is important in her life. Hers is a creative and musical family. Her art studio offers two constant companions (apart from her lovely dog, Amelie); music and the river. She jots down lines from songs as they jump out at her, and these often work as the backdrop to a future piece. Water is frequently a theme in her art.


The images on this page feature the all pleasing “Fish”, an almost ghostly “Three Graces” taken from a shot of ladies enjoying the Hampton Lido in the 1930’s and a more recent collage featuring swinging monkeys! Sally does not want to be pigeon-holed.

She has exhibited at various galleries locally, including the Robert Phillips in Walton, the Landmark Art Fair in Teddington and Surrey Open Studios. There is talk of a show in 2014 for a small group of Sunbury Artists. Watch this space!

Meanwhile, if you are inspired, and you want to get creative without boundaries, Sally’s first workshop; “Collage” will be on May 2nd from 10.00-16.00 at a cost of only £25 per person. It will be held in her studio in Sunbury. Email for more details.