So the Royal celebrations and the Shepperton Fair are over. I hope you enjoyed them. The raft race was the usual marvel of home made craft and costume. Perhaps not quite up to the level of the Pageant in London, but well done to all!

It is time for the annual swan upping again. If you have not seen it, I urge you to grab your camera and go to Shepperton Lock on July 16th mid morning, when the crews come through in all their glory. It is really one of those very British traditions.

Please keep your stories coming in about local events and achievements. This is YOUR community magazine, made more interesting by local focus. Next month we will be paying a visit to Shepperton Studios as part of the Arts Festival, and also the Shepperton Wig Makers, which will be fascinating.

Now please will Summer arrive!

In this issue

  • Lord Desborough and the 1908 Olympics
  • It’s Time to Count the Swans
  • Pageant Splendour Captured
  • Organic Art Drifts in to Shepperton
  • Sunbury & Shepperton Arts Festival