From an article taken from The Surrey Comet dated 21st December 1907!

Once again, as this season of the year returns, the tradesmen, by the splendid show and arrangement of their goods, do their utmost to secure the Christmas orders of the public. Messrs. H. Thompson and Co. have as usually fine array of beef, mutton and pork on show, including that of beasts fed by Lord Rothschild and Mr. John Jones, of Llandudno. Their poultry, too, makes a splendid show, their turkeys being very fine. Mr. Lawrence has a fine array of meat, including a fine first-prize beast bred by the Marquis of Breadalbane, K.G., and fed on His Majesty’s estate at Sandringham. His show of mutton and beef is also outstanding.

Mr. Cross is well to the fore with a second-prize shorthorn heifer, and another equally fine beast fed on one of His Majesty’s farms. Norfolk turkeys are much in evidence at Mr. Ive’s premises, as well as a good show of geese and pheasants. Messrs. Gillett and Allnutts’ display is also worthy of mention, as well as that of Mr. Wrighton. Mr. Evans is showing a very choice selection of wines at both his establishments, and his fruits and Christmas dainties again make a pretty show. Messrs. Stevenson’s window is a picture of good things, and the same may be said of that of Mr. Latcham. Wines are also noticed in the shows of Mr. Letcher and the Watford Ale Stores. In the greengrocery trade, Mrs. Starkey, Messrs.

Masters and Bailey and the Parade Fruit Stores all show seasonable goods in great variety. In the confectionery line one may secure all that is required at the establishments of Mrs. Scott and Messrs. Chambers, Redman, Storey, Wright and Hamilton. Mr. Briginshaw and Mrs. Raggett are showing a great variety of fancy goods and sweets for both young and old. Mr. Patching’s show of phonographs, records, mechanical toys and other articles are well up-to-date, while Messrs.

Wild and Day also have a great number of records and instruments to dispose of. Mr. Rowland Williams’ cycle show is worth a visit. Footwear is shown in every variety at the premises of Messrs. Jones, Hedges and Tilley, and also at the West End Boot Stores. The drapers are as usual well to the fore with Christmas requirements. Messrs. Rowe and Stevens, Stimson, Rant, Wheatley and Brooks offering every attraction. Gents’ outfitting is well provided for by Messrs. Handley, Smelt’s show also merits attention. Perfumes, fancy soaps, etc., are to be seen in the shows of Messrs.

Kent and Swaby, and at the ladies’ and gentlemen’s toilet saloon of Mr. Gray almost every description of toilet requisite is displayed. Fancy stationery and Christmas cards are supplied by Messrs. Taylor, Fox and Franklin, as well as by Knapp, Drewett and Sons Walton-road, at whose new premises these goods are displayed in great variety.

Through the combinations of the tradesmen in the Walton Road there will be decorations and illuminations from today until Tuesday. The work of decoration is in the hands of Messrs. Langston, Jones and Co.